Solar Panel Repairs Across Newcastle

If you’re in Newcastle and your solar system isn’t helping you save as much as it used to, or if it’s in need of maintenance, or needs replacing, at Solar Water Wind, we’re here to help the locals of Newcastle with all their solar issues and ensure that they can quickly get back to saving both their wallets plus the environment. Common issues with solar systems we address include:

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Broken Inverter

faulty meter solar system repairs western sydney icon

Faulty Meter

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Dirt & Dust

corrosion or weathering icon solar repairs

Corrosion or Weathering

We also address urgent issues such as:

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Tripping Circuit Breaker

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Poor Wiring

With more than 15 years of experience behind us and various customers that can attest to our services, we’re your one-stop shop for all solar enquiries!

Solar Brands We Work With

Transforming Solar Inspections With Thermal Imaging Drones

To enhance the accuracy of fault detection in your property’s solar system, we employ thermal imaging drones. These drones not only ensure precise identification of damages, but also streamline the inspection process for our technicians, eliminating the need to access rooftops or disconnect any components.

A grey drone with thermal imaging capabilities for solar system inspections

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel And System Repairs

How do I know if my solar panels have stopped working?

The issues listed below are common indicators of malfunctioning solar panels:

  • Your electricity bill is higher than normal
  • There are fault lights on your inverter or no lights displayed
  • The display on your inverter is malfunctioning

Why do solar panels break?

Solar panels can break and malfunction due to weather damage as well as damage from pests such as rodents. Solar panels handled poorly by installers can also be a factor, with small scratches/chips worsening over time.

Can solar inverters be repaired?

While most solar inverters can be repaired, this can also depend on the type of issues preventing them from working properly. We can inspect your solar inverter and advise you on the best recourse for it.

What is the fault code on my solar inverter?

Fault codes on the display of your inverter indicate there are issues with it, and that it needs to be inspected by a professional.

What happens when a solar inverter fails?

Normally, if your solar inverter fails it can be replaced under warranty, and if you’re inverter was installed by a company that no longer exists, we can still work out a reasonable solution for you.

What causes solar inverters to fail?

Issues such as poor installation as well as over/under voltage can all contribute to a solar inverter failing.

Will I lose my warranty if I don’t service my solar panels with the same company I previously purchased them from?

You won’t lose your warranty if we service your solar system, even if it was installed by a different company.

Booking a solar panel repair is simple

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1. Get in touch with us

Our team will work with you to schedule an appointment for a solar system inspection.

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2. Inspect

We’ll inspect your solar system for faults, let you know any problems we find, and provide a quote to repair it.

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3. Restore

After our solar technicians have repaired your system, your solar system will be running as efficiently as possible.

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